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Why Should You Insulate? 

enjoy the following wonderful benefits:

> Save money on heating bills
> Reduce heat loss through your walls
> Improve energy-efficiency in your home or business
> Reduce condensation and improve comfort levels
> Prevent damp and mould from taking hold
> Improve the acoustics of your building – keep noise out
> Improve the appearance and increase the value of your home or           business
> Gain a sense of pride in your home
> Help the Environment by burning less fossil fuel

Lowers your fuel bills

By reducing the amount of heat escaping through your walls, you can heat your home faster and keep it warmer for longer using external wall insulation (EWI).

Reduce condensation and mould.

Be healthier

Condensation occurs when air-borne moisture meets a cooler surface and “condenses” into liquid. When this occurs in a building, the resulting dampness can encourage the growth of mould. Without External Wall Insulation, internal wall temperatures are a lot closer to the temperatures of the external surfaces, i.e. they are cold enough to encourage condensation. Choosing External Wall Insulation reduces this risk by helping to raise the temperature of the internal walls.

[wall-insulation-EWI_Explained_Mould] The great advantage of external wall insulation over (e.g.) internal wall insulation is that it removes the dew point to the outside of the building – this means any interstitial condensation can only occur outside the fabric of your building.

If the exterior of your home or business is cracked or in poor repair, water could be travelling through the walls to the inside of your rooms. External Wall Insulation provides a waterproof, protective barrier and will seal your building against the elements.

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